The Pyramid of Onos Al-Malik

Pyramid of onos al malik

Explored in the adventure “Parting the Mist.”

The statues numbered 1-5 are about 6 meters tall.

1. Tall, grand, holding a flaming staff with an orb (carved, not on fire.) Big helm with a gator-like snout (probably a dragon). Armor of similar construction to metallic creatures we fought in Claveria.

2. Almost unarmored, sloped forehead, long arms, an extra segment on fingers. Either guarding or attacking the first. Blades like claws on hands.

3. A woman with braided hair, decorated with trophies. Talons, something like shark teeth (maybe dragon teeth.)

4. Like 3, unarmed, stag headdress. No weapons, but trophies.

5. Smaller, shorter, crouching. Primitive, gripping a massive slab of flint in the rough shape of a sword. This is the only statue with something that is not the same material as the statue with it. The slab is about 6 loads.

The next room to the west had an orrery, with translucent illusions of constellations and planets and a seat in the middle. It had dials, presumably to change the dates.

The room to the far west was up a tall ladder carved into the wall. It opened into an observation point overlooking the pyramid’s area, seeing over the mist. The crystal set in the ceiling connects somehow with the crystal directly below it in the overseer’s room.

The Pyramid of Onos Al-Malik

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