A goblin sneak-theif who has traveled his way to the surface with two burning desires. To escape an arranged marrage and to not get eaten.


Age 12 / Dark hair (or the goblin equivalent sideburns and gotee), reddish black eyes always alert.
Languages – Goblinoid, Common (Read/Write both)
Follower of Dufell (recent)
Base Template – Goblin
Lv 10

AP sent this level – 0
AP at end of session – 3

Wounds – 4

+3 Awareness
+2 Brawn
-1 Charm
+1 Commitment
+10 Cunning
+2 Daring

Inherent — Biter in the Dark: sharp teeth equal light weapon. Eat pretty much anything. Able to see your arena even in complete darkness.

1. Shadowkin – © hide in shadow – Alert vs Cunning, atk from darkness grants +2 to hit or +1 wnd
2. Shadowkin – Upgrade to hide as a move action
3. Slippery – © When performing move action attacks against you are penalized by cunning
4. Monsterkin – © understand and be understood by creatures from within the earth. Predisposed to be respectful and wary.
5. Adorable – ® Substitute Cunning for Charm
6. Underfoot® Automatically succeed at impede and dodging counterattack. If opponent spend AP to switch action, get to keep AP.
7. Locksmith – © can use tools to open locks
8. Breathless shot – (A) Shoot into arena or next arena grants +1d5 wounds
9. Powdermaster – © guns only misfire on two ‘1s’
10. Combat Toughened © Grant +2 wound & +2 to charm to talk out of violence
(has received training for weapon of choice but must level before he can get it)

studded leather armor
2 flint lock pistols
Flintlock rifle with stand & water shield to keep off rain.
lockpick & toolkit

The Arterial Blade of Verilliatoss
Folding katar of the Ghim
The Obsidian Dagger of Kuton

Backpack with standard equipment
in the pack – Servitor of the Chain

Money 1708


Skritt is a three foot tall green long nosed and eared goblin. He makes his way by vanishing into the shadows and watching from there. He knows that he is not the biggest or baddest but if he can make friends with them that may help him last longer. This is a problem as he is snarky and sarcastic.

Skritt originally decided to disguise himself by shaving his head once he got to the surface but that didn’t seem to work since most don’t seem to trust his kind at all.

He met up with another of his kind, Tibbers and some big folk who don’t seem to mind him hanging around. Being ever clever and toying with thieves tools that he fond on a dead adventurer on his way to the surface and figured out the mechanics of picking locks. At first he though if he could figure out how traps and things work he can put his dark vision to work as an adventuring troubleshooter.

He had to travel light as he was not very strong, but after a very successful dungeon expedition he was able to afford some pistols. After some training he found them helpful as he was not very melee intensive.

He kept adventuring with Tulip who didn’t seem to mind him as long as he agreed that the gladiator is an awesome combat master and not some showboating entertainer. After seeing the damage that he do hewing down all sort of beasts, Skritt was willing to keep cheering him on.

Tulip knew where to find details on a dragon’s horde. They continued to adventure, steadily making their way to this hopefully amazing payout. Along the way they had to find a way into this ancient mountain. To do this Skritt “acquired” some items from a forgotten temple. Afterwards he was cursed, forever to be rained upon.

No one seemed particularly happy about it and along with the fact of goblins who were not followers of Dufell passing away shortly after their 12th year, he journeyed to Assignation where he could perform a quest, to remove the curse that had been laid upon him as well as join the followers of the Goddess of the Goblins. His traveling companions joined him and they were successful. Now Skritt must perform a task to complete his initiation into the fold of Dufell.


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