Battlin' Bald Bill from Baffram

Bill is a charming and daring pirate in a puffy shirt that can handle a pistol, sword or rum with equal ease.


As noted above Bill wears tight leather pants, a little too tight, a puffy white poet shirt, sometimes accompanied with the appropriate coat and an over the top large brim hat with large peacock feather for luck. He carries a pistol and light cutlass sword and of course Rum.

Bill is a fairly average man except when it comes to charm and Daring and he excels at both. For those in the know, Charming of 16 and Daring of 17.


No one knows much about his past. However, those that have adventured with him recently know that he was very happy to get out of town and when they met him he was wearing a plan metal open faced helmet. His fellow travelers later found out that was his disguise so he could sneak out of town. Apparently, some of his comrades in arms where captured and sentenced to be hung in town and he barely escaped without getting his neck stretched. He credits his escape to his daring and wits and of course his disguise. What Pirate worth his salt would go around wearing a plan… metal… open face helmet… really?

Battlin' Bald Bill from Baffram

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