Stenchite. AC 10. 1 Wound

  • Belch. Focus action. 1 AP. All in arena who are not Stenchites are -1 to all tasks per belcher, up to -10. A point of penalty dissipates per minute.

Toadimite. AC 10. 2 Wounds

  • Spit Goo. Focus action. 1 AP. Target must test Daring difficulty 7 or be -4 to all actions. The rotten toffee-like goo hardens and snaps off, freeing -1 per minute. Up to 3 goo hits stack.

Stemmitch. Stenchite Mission Leader. AC 12. 5 Wounds.

  • Stinkum. Focus action. 1 AP. A target in the same arena loses 1 turn unless passing a Daring difficulty 10 test.
  • Flashbang Exit. Move. 1 AP. Test Cunning vs. Awareness of witnesses; move to another adjacent arena, undetected if successful.

Who are these mysterious Stenchites? What other foul troops might they have? How did they get this way? Those mysteries must wait for another time.


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