description of tuleo's powers

Charge UP: (cosmic channeler) rested; as a focused action roll 1d5 and gain that many awesome points. As long as you have 1 awesome point you can glow as bright as a torch.

Energy Bolt: (cosmic channeler) constant; costs 1 awesome point, use as a ranged attack, on hit deal 2 damage.

Flight+: (cosmic channeler) constant; allows 10 minutes of high speed flight or one hour of “jogging speed” flight.
(I have boosted this skill and removed the awesome point cost)

Long Shot: (archer) arena; can make a ranged attack up to 1 arena away per level of brawn as a focused action.

Shrug it Off: (cosmic channeler) constant; spend 1 awesome point to deflect 1 incomming wound up to all wounds.

Sprint+: (scout) arena; take 1 wound to move 2 arenas in one turn.
(I have boosted this skill to reduce its frequency from rested to arena)

Cosmic Strength: (cosmic channeler) constant; spend 1 awesome point and temporarly gain +4 brawn. Gain +1 encumberance for 1 hour per awesome point spent.

Reinforced Symbol: (Divine Servant)

Empowerment: (Divine Servant)

Healthy: (Brawn +5) constant; gain +2 wounds and become immune to normal sickness

description of tuleo's powers

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