The Arterial Blade of Verilliatoss

weapon (melee)

This elven blade of clear glass had dark red threads through it like rutilated quartz, but these are shaped more like veins in the body. While appearing to be made of glass this weapon is as hard as steel. Spidery within the pommel is the daggers name in magical elven script

If the name of the dagger is spoken while placed against the forearm of the holder it will do 1 wound as it sinks into their flesh and vanishes. Only the scar of entry remains. The weapon cannot be found by any means and does not count against the maximum weapons a person may carry.

To retrieve it, speak the weapons name again and it slides out pommel first from the forearm.

This has gained an epic quality granting it holder +1 wound.
This is currently in the possession of Skritt


The Arterial Blade of Verilliatoss

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