Spender's Fang

Knife carved from dragon claw

weapon (melee)

Spender’s Fang looks like a curving dragon’s claw the size of a big knife, honed to a blade in an X cross-section (with 4 cutting curves.) The handle is ivory.

Light weapon.

  • Inflict 1 Wound on the user to act twice in the round.
  • Permanently sacrifice 1 Wound to stop all Wounds in this arena and adjacent arenas.

Spender took this weapon from an Assail technician upon leaving the Pyramid of Onos Al-Malik after the first conversation with the undying Assail in centuries. Dragon artifacts seem to bother them. The weapon eagerly whispered its secrets to him as he held it, and he named it for himself. (Parting the Mists)

Spender's Fang

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