Lash of Perestrina

Enchanted longsword of the Ardlian line.

weapon (melee)

When in the hands of its legitimate owner, member of the Ardlian line, the weapon has mystic properties.

  • The weapon can function as a light weapon or a reach weapon.
  • The user can spend up to 4 Awesome Points to do up to 2 extra wounds with it.
  • The weapon can grant +2 to impeding attempts.

Sordeg was a champion who was based in Oscelot. His wife, Chuliet, died 20 years before he did, killed by a dragon. She was of the line of Ardlian, the only ones who could use the blade, the Lash of Perestrina.

The blade was in Sordeg’s Retreat, under Oscelot’s cliff. Adventurers looted it, including Kitten the Deadly, who kept the blade because genealogical research suggested that the elven line Ardlian had some members exiled to the island Kitten is from—maybe she can use the sword’s enchantment…

Lash of Perestrina

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