Easy on the Eyes: Lucky Doubloon

The luckiest coin.


This gold coin is twice as big as a normal gold coin. One side has an official seal of some kind, the other a naked silhouette of a woman (or whatever is attractive to the owner.) This coin is a bit of fey magic, as identified by Spender.

If tuned to the owner with 3 Awesome Points that don’t count towards leveling, the coin is bonded to the character. If spent or lost or stolen, it reappears in the owner’s pocket in 1d5 rounds.


Rory discovered this coin in the ruin of the keep of Claveria during the Death Fog adventure. It was with a lipstick-kissed note. Rory suspects the owner was killed in the attack, and so could not recall the coin.

During the Parting the Mists adventure, Spender turned Rory into a toad and ate him. As Spender’s Company walked back into Claveria, Cole saw the coin and picked it up (though he did not attune to it.)

Easy on the Eyes: Lucky Doubloon

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