A hunter, searching for his long lost father...


He has the Coat of Starlight from Sordeg’s Retreat.

Currently he has the following talents:

1. Tracking – allows Awareness tests for facts
2. Silent Step – +2 to Cunning rolls to sneak (doubled in wilderness +4)
3&4. Breathless Shot (Improved – Constant) – on unsuspecting or unmoving target do 1d5 extra dmg, must be as a focus action
5. Shadowkin – can fade into shadows as focus action, when comes out gets +2 to hit


He is “owned” by a patron, Skritt the goblin, who did an actuarial study and determined he was worth about 20 gold. So he should not be too cavalier in his spending. Currently enjoying traveling with Tulip the gladiator on his quest to slay a dragon.


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