Pistol wielding earth wizard.


Level 17

Reason for Adventuring: Beat up pirates, take their stuff, help rescue friend (as written on my sheet, completed). New Reason – Loot sweet Elf Hoard Completed. New Reason – Help Skritt get uncursed.

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven.
Arts & Music: Sculpture

Attributes: +5 Awareness, +5 Brawn, -1 Charm, +8 Commitment, +2 Cunning, +2 Daring

Base Template: Wizard

Inherent Talent: Veil Touch

1) Book of Power: Khuselb Grimore
2) Animate Stone Guardian (Khuselb Grimore)
3) Kill (Migric Grimore – Found on a scroll) (Upgrade to Arena Recharge)
4) Animate Sand Minions (Khuselb Grimore)
5) Navigator (Professional Talent)
6) Counterspell (Wizard Base) (Upgrade to Arena Recharge)
7) Animate Stone Monster (Khuselb)
8) Menace (Wizard Base) (Upgrade to Arena Recharge)
9) Healthy (Master Talent)
10) Book of Power: Aglatch Grimore
11) Mystic Attack (Wizard) (Upgrade to constant) (Upgrade +1 Wound)
12)Stubborn (Master Talent)

Pistol with 16 shots.
5 Doses of Flashpowder, Scrollcase, Scroll of KILL!, Grimore, decent map of the black mire.
33 Gold, 525 Gold Worth of Jewelry recovered from the Elvenforge.

Magic Stuff:
Khuselb Grimore
Aglatch Grimore
Keyblade – Dagger slides into the spine of the Grimorie, can turn into a key that opens the book.
Black Staff Recovered from the Necromancer of the Marsh – Can sense wounds up to adjacent arena.
Crystal Orb – Creates Light at Will. Can communicate with other Orb’s, but the others are all dark. Put 3 AP into it.
Staff Headpiece of Monty – Peer through this headpiece to appraise the value of stuff.
Animal Friend Ring – Control up to 3 wounds worth of animals.
Polar Bear Suit – Medium Armor. Unarmed Melee attacks as light weapon with the claws. Keeps the wearer nice and comfortable. (Upgrade to add +1 Wound Capacity to wearer).

Former Stuff:
Cool Staff with Khuselb Headpiece in silver and gold – Now part of a statue of Timothy the Tulip on the shore of the Fey Lake in the Black Mire.


Vayu is an artist, sculpting his surroundings and situations to suit his needs. His outlook on life is simple. Events, circumstance, and people are either rigid or malleable. There is wisdom in recognizing and utilizing those properties accordingly. It takes skill and creativity to fashion the soft and disorganized into tools and weapons. It requires knowledge and patience to manipulate the inflexible to the proper positions.


Vayu isn’t made of stone. He felt bad that his buddy got thrown into prison because of him, and was keeping an eye out for sturdy looking fellows to assist in a jailbreak. When he ran across Timothy the Tulip who was looking for someone of the studious persuasion, they teamed up to rescue his scholarly friend.

What followed was an epic tale of subverting a group of pirates and breaking into a prison within an undead sea turtle. After the success, Timothy shared some fascinating information about “untold riches,” seeking the assistance of others to go loot a lost and dangerous ancient elven mint. Although a bit skeptical at first, Vayu has witnessed the cannon-wielding prowess of Timothy first hand, and believes the crazy bastard may just be able to pull this off. He’s in.


After successfully defeating the dragon, Vayu broke some ground at the site of Tulip’s new inn. Once day, Vayu woke up and realized that he was a really powerful wizard and decided to do what every really powerful wizard does as a right of passage: get revenge on as many of the bastards that screwed him over as possible. Vayu gleefully and stealthily moved into that city by the marsh where those damn dwarves nearly killed him and set about sending his minions to annoy the hell out of them and destroy or steal their stuff. Rumors of an angry polar bear that can summon golems have arisen from the town. No doubt some angry earth spirits pissed off at the blasphemous Ghim.


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