Tuleo Meugel

A mighty and powerful god...ling


Class: Cosmic Channeler / Divine Servant
Level: 13

Awareness: 0
Brawn: +6
Charm: +5
Commitment: +3
Cunning: -1
Daring: 0

wounds: 3

Charge Up (cosmic channeler)
Energy Bolt (cosmic channeler)
Flight+ (cosmic channeler) removed AP cost
Shrug it off (cosmic channeler)
Cosmic Strength (cosmic channeler)
Reinforced Symbol (Divine Servant)
Empowerment (Divine Servant)
Sprint+ (scout) reduced frequency to arena
Long Shot (archer)
Healthy (Brawn +5)

description of powers

Magical Gear:

Jakobs Weightless Armor

Sword of Hirelan

Flail of Rotting

Minotaur axe


A godling of the sea, Tuleo’s justice is swift and without emotion. He understands that he has been called forth to judge the land by the eyes of the sea.

Completed adventures:

Down and Out in Gothmagog

Dead Rising

Smooth Sailing

The Hammer Key
An explination on Tuleo’s seperation from the party leading into Death of the Widow Dragon.

Death of the Widow Dragon

Tuleo Meugel

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