Timothy The Tulip

A Gladiator that has earned his freedom and now looks for new adventures and foes to conquer.


The best way to understand The Tulip is to understand that he is a combination of the following: He has the physic of Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock in their prime but on steroids, the ability to take damage and keep on fighting like Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard, and the attitude of a 17 year old boy that is yet to face any challenge he could not defeat and live thru, all packaged into a mega ego that knows he is all that and a bag of chips and given the chance and an audience will prove it.

This is not to say he is stupid. He is fairly smart and tactical, after all he did earn his freedom. However, he just loves to show off and prove that when it comes to doing anything better, physically, than someone else he can.

Recently he has decided that he needs more outragous weapons. Being as how he recently came to be in a coastal town he has decided upon the following:

Light weapon – Canon ball
Reach Weapon – Two canon balls attached by a chain – the ones they use to take out a ships mast
Heavy – He is uncertain
Very Heavy – The canon itself – but of course that is also his distance weapon – There be dragons to slay and treasure to take.

He will of course keep his present weapons and will purchase a high end War Donkey that can carry the extra load. He might even put armor on the War Donkey, need to protect his investment.


Feint: Arena – Always roll simultaneously with other attackers in the arena. Activate this talent to trade rolls with one of them.
Rhythm and Distance: Constant- Familiarity with all melee weaponry grants +3 arena bonus instead of +2 for all weapons but ranged.
Show Off: Arena – Take a focus action strutting and flexing, and heal one wound box. Only works if three wound boxes are left uninjured and there is an appropriate audience.
Heft: Constant – You can carry one more heavy weapon or armor than you Brawn bonus would allow, and when you choose to wear no armor at all, your sexy build gives you a +2 on any charm check you make against someone that might be attracted to you.
Enough! Rested. Can attack up to all others in the same arena. Each attack after the first costs 1 Awesome Point.
Improved Talent – Add +2 to an attack talent – in this case Rhythm and Distance

Possible future talents – Display or Dodge


Timothy got the name Timothy The Tulip while he was in the arena as a gladiator. After one of his victories one of the spectators tossed tulips in his direction and word got out that he loved the flower. There were those that tried to use this to make fun of him but he truely loved everything about the flower and took the nick name in stride and simply continued to destroy his opponets and soon no one made fun of him anymore. As time went on he had a special helmet made with a large yellow tulip painted on the sides and now wears a similar one with a large yellow plum.

However, even though he wears an open face helm he never wears armor. In his opinion it would be a shame to hide all of his muscular glory underneath armor. Besides, he can face whatever comes his way without armor anyway… He is just that good.

He adventures for a couple of reasons. One is to continue to prove his physical prowess and ability to out fight or whatever whomever or whatever he comes across. Another is he has heard some folk say that the gladiator fights in the arena are fixed and are all fake. He will gladly help those see the error of their ways and demonstrate if need be.

He has found an unlikely new friend in a goblin named Tibbers. Timothy was uncertain how he would feel about Tibbers, especially when the little goblin crawled up onto his back when Tibbers was afraid and was looking for a safe place to hide. However, Tibbers has proven his worth to Timothy’s ego by tossing flowers at his feet after victory, rubbing oil on Timothy to keep him look’in good for the ladies and also has the wonderful ability to caddy the variety of Timothy’s many weapons and put the one he needs into Timothy’s hands at the right time.

Timothy The Tulip

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