Seasoned Tough Guy Wizard


Level 12.

+1 Awareness
+1 Brawn
+3 Charm
+8 Commitment
+2 Cunning
00 Daring

1. Zephreese Grimore, Book of Power
2. Transmogrify. (Commitment)
3. Improve Transmogrify: Commitment +2. (Commitment)
4. Improve Transmogrify: Focus to Move. (Commitment)
5. Improve Transmogrify: Rested to Arena. (Commitment)
6. Counter-Spell. (Commitment)
7. Improve Counter-Spell: Rested to Arena. (Commitment)
8. Improve Counter-Spell: Victim takes 2 Wounds (Daring)
9. Arcane Protection. (Charm)
10. Improve Arcane Protection: Rested to Arena. (Charm)
11. Improve Arcane Protection: Focus to Move. (Charm)
12. Mystic Attack. (Charm)


Mystic symbol shaved in short hair (on the back of his head). Beard, waist long, braided. Chain smoker of Wizard Weed kept in a Soothatchan waterproof bag.

He has heard ugly rumors of demons hunting wizards. He wants to get to the truth of it before he is next. He wants to do a favor for the Unseelie Court so they’ll owe him a boon.

Birth year: 11247(65)

Adventure One: The Ruin of the Bear. Level 1 to Level 4.

  • Got a magic scroll, Aglatch school, Imbue Staff.

Adventure Two: Death Fog.
Level 4 to Level 7.

  • Got a companion for 2 gold a day and 1 gold per footrub/beard braiding. (Rory)
  • Got a d4 of Commitment; when hurled to the ground, revives morale and clears mind control.
  • Currently has 434 gold and a stocked pack in a cart outside the city.

Adventure Three: Parting the Mists
Level 7 to Level 9.

  • Turned Rory into a toad and ate him, but kept his fancy armadillo hat.
  • Got Spender’s Fang.
  • Got my cart of gold and my pack returned to me.
  • Ended with no APs spent towards next level, and 13 APs in hand.

Adventure Four: The Heart of the Matter
Level 9 to Level 12.

  • Spender’s company told him they liked him, a weird and new thing that helped his heart grow three sizes that day.
  • Got a ring of energy, to recharge 1 rested talent.
  • Got 2 potions, one of rest and one of restoring against poison and disease.
  • Ended with 4 APs spent towards next level, and 2 APs in hand.



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