Noran Trotter

Honorable Bison warrior, looking for the slavers that have taken his family


Black fur and pale horns with obsidian colored tips, stands around 9 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs around half a ton. Dressed in a black vest, black pants and black sleeveless long coat. Also wears a yellow knit cap.

+5 Brawn
+4 Awareness
0 Charm
+3 Commitment
+1 Cunning
+3 Daring

Steel Oar (sized for a Kiskov, does +1 wound) – reach weapon (foes are -1 to-hit)
4 Throwing axes around his belt
Hammer (normally hvy weapon but for him it’s light) – +2 to Intimidate checks
Fists count as heavy weapons

Has both medium & light armor, often fights w/o any however.

1 small stone (single use) – all people in your areana auto pass a Commitment test

Can carry 10 loads


  • Muscle Deapth © – +2 wounds; cost to reduce attack dmg by 1 is 1 AP
  • Trample © – Charge in straight line and do up to 1 wound per (Brawn +2) bonus to (Brawn +2) minions w/o rolling to hit; or tackle a tough or higher, roll to-hit inflict (Brawn) dmg, taking 1/2 the dmg inflicted
  • Improved Trample 1 – to constant
  • Improved Trample 2 – +2 Brawn to minion charge
  • Armor of Scars © – +2 wounds; +2 to Charm tests to convince someone NOT to fight
  • Salty Blood © – get +2 to Daring or Cunning tests to keep my footing or to climb; w/Awareness test (diff 10) can predict next 6 hrs of weather on coast or at sea
  • Family Honor® – Bellow family catch-phrase (Working on it) as free action to gain +2 to an attribute roll; If have time to chant full name and family lineage, auto pass a Commitment test

Slavers attacked his village, killed his father, stole his mother and siblings. As oldest it is his responsibility to find them and rescue them. As he looks for clues he is following the love of his life, a Fey warrior named Wolf, to whom he has pledged undying love. Has also temporarily acquired a small spoiled human child named Erik whom Noran has pledged to reunite with his family, or die trying.

Noran Trotter

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