Nerisella Wolf

Magic Long Bow Weilding Female Fey Warrior


Nerisella is a light brown skinned, black haired Fay Warrior. She has an angular face with a small nose. She is tall and has a muscled build. Her fairy Ally is Ivan, a pinko that glows with a red light.

+1 Awareness
+2 Brawn
+2 Charm
-2 Commitment
+2 Cunning
+1 Daring

Magic Long Bow named Carl.
If the bow knows the First Name or True Name of the target it gets +2 to hit or +1 damage. If it knows First Name or True Name and was held before by target it gets +4 to hit or +2 damge. —Ranged and Reach weapon
Purple Longbow – ranged

Fey Arrows – Spend 1 Awesome Point to +1 to hit or +1 wound, also can hit incorporeal creatures
Staves & Sticks – Use bow as reach weapon without damaging it
Improved Fey Arrows – to constant


Nerisella Wolf

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