Makon Mondaviak

A veteran Scout/Sniper of the Troll Shaw War


Makon now carries two black powder pistols and a black powder musket and wears light armor. He used to have much better weapons and armor but his travels have taken him to an area of lower technology. So, as his nature, he has learned to adapt and shoot black powder guns as that is what is available.


He is the 2nd son of three and has one younger sister.

Makon has been a loner most of his life and was successfully hunting at a very early age. Due to his skills and lack of charm and other social graces, his family encouraged him to join the military at an early age and he was more than happy to sign up. They were a bit too high and mighty for his taste anyway. At boot camp they tried to make him a grunt but he demonstrated his hunting ability and they trained him to be a scout.

After he was discharged he tried working a vineyard as a partner with Tuleo Miguel and Darrin Carter. However, they soon found they were not farmers and have since moved on. Now he travels in search of adventure and the next challenging sniper shot.

Adventures since he left the military:
Down and Out in Gothmagog
Dead Rising

Makon Mondaviak

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