Meaty, over six feet tall, with long reddish/blonde hair braided up when adventuring, scraggily beard


Beserker Level 9
Rage as either a focus acton or free action after taking 1 wound. Become immune to mind control, horror or fear. Inflict +1 wound with all melee attacks and +2 to hit. Ignore the first would inflicted (unless wearing metal armor), when rage is over lose 1 wound from strain. Can rageas often as want, but cannot use any talents requiring clear thinkin, analyss, patience, speech or teamwork.

Awareness – 1
Brawn – 8
Charm – (-2)
Commitment – 2
Cunning – (-2)
Daring – 6

Wounds – 5
Languages – Reaverspeech, Skaria


  • Healthy [C) – +2 wounds, immune to normal sickness
  • Basmaster [C) – take 1 less wound from dmg that is specifically bashing, including doors
  • Unstoppable [R) – While in rage get +1 wound/Brawn, at end of rage extra wounds go away possibly killing you
  • Battle Presence – Upgraded – [C) – If you can look foe in the eye, take 1 dice away from foe’s attack, 1 foe per use once per round. Minion or toughs will automatically flee the area unless DM feeds the bowl & you Awsome points. Out of combat get +2 to intimadate and to resist intimidation
  • Shield [C) – you are not -1d when fighting with a shield
  • Inspire [R) – Yell a battle cry and allies are +2 to Daring rolls & may re-roll a failed test from the previous round, my presence gives allies a constant +1 to terror/horror checks
  • Fearless [C) – Immune to non-magical intimidation and +2 to magical fear
  • Combat Toughened [C) – +2 wounds and +2 Charm to talk someone out of violence

Light leather armor
Hvy Shield
Blinged out Battle-Axe (Hvy)
4 light throwing axes
Two stone pendants (one is azure and is a keepsake from his first adenture)
Lots of silver & copper
Hat made of women’s panties


Kaedo is from Verdentopp, a city in Frostreave dedicated to protecting the world from the strangness that comes from the Aether, where he discovered on his 19th birthday that he was sold to his parents by dwarves for some moon rock. He has since been on a quest to discover his birth family. While beginning his search he discovered that his birth father had sold him to the dwarves for a rune axe and he has determined to find his father and take the axe he was traded for. Rumors of his father (and more importantly the axe) have led him to the lottery dungenon where he believes his father may have met his end. He has gone down into the dungeon twice now and lived, including one overnight stay and plans on continuing his search until either he is dead or he finds out what has happened to the axe and his father. He has a betrothed back home, named Marava, but does not feel that he can settle things with her until this quest is completed. He also has great fashion sense (for a beserker) but he does smell kinda funny, even when in clean furs.

He has developed something of a reputation for caraousing around the Laughing Frog Oasis and is now known as the “Lottery Sultan” having survived mulitiple trips below and throwing amazing parties. His favorite party spot is the Last Chance Saloon where he has the “Sultan’s Spot” on the wall for those adventurers who wish to try to best him in a contest of body tossing, sometimes non-consensual. He has also decided that his patron God is Killaine of the Road due to a number of curious events in his life. It is also worth noting that the Laughing Frog God is sometimes considered to be an aspect of Killaine.


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