A seedy wizard.


AC 8+1. 5 wounds. Reach weapon (staff). +2 Cunning, +2 Awareness, -2 Commitment.

Level 3. Talents: Sleep Spell, Control Portal, Flexible Truth.


The thief Brenna was concerned for his safety, leading her to check up on him. Awesomeness in Oscelot Brenna and her assistant Tulip rescued him from Stenchites who were questioning him on the location of Sordeg’s Retreat. Once rescued from the assault on the Wizard’s Annex where he lived, Hector arranged for them to rescue Albion, an albino elf who helped him with the research.

They found Sordeg’s Retreat (theoretically) so they went to check it out. An Oscelot of Trouble Hector slipped a disk in his back, so he could not follow them down to the retreat itself, but he offered encouragement, and finally agreed to make Brenna and Tulip partners in the expedition to Grizelle’s Hoard, which is the Senchilian Elvenforge conquered and turned into a lair by the dragon Grizelle. They left him contemplating how to get out of a difficult situation with Mongrok the Orc Lord of Oscelot, who he owed 700 gold pieces.

Later Hector showed up around MirePort, again hiring Effson to get him around over the sea. Hector advertised the Pembriss bounty on Tulip, encouraging masses of would-be bounty collectors to go after him. Hector continued to dog the gladiator’s steps, shadowing his hunt for the dragon.

That ended poorly. Hector bullied Effson into maneuvering the airship over the volcano as the ground trembled with some titanic force, and when an eruption toasted the ship, Hector fell to his death in fire.


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