Harvin Ashook

Haunted Elven Scholar


Scholar first, elf second. Something a bit disturbing in the back of his eyes, probably due to being imprisoned in a floating undead turtle prison.


He used to be one of the fabled Pembriss Scholars. He got carried away helping a wizard, Vayu, and for leaking sensitive research he was barred from the order, and imprisoned in Gulldaw, the floating prison, for violating his oath.

He was rescued by Vayu, along with Timothy the Tulip and the Axefall pirate ship. Now he’s been cut into the deal to seek a dragon’s horde, because of his knowledge of the Senchilian Elvenforge.

Ashook took on a fake identity as a relative of a scholar who died heir-less in MirePort. Using that mansion as a base of operations, he provided shelter for the many who succumbed to the diseases of the swamp, and he helped with gear and knowledge.

Geshinara is pretending to be his spouse to explain her presence at the house as they support Tulip’s quest. They may settle there, now that Tulip has triumphed.

Harvin Ashook

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