Geshinara of Thogro

Cleric of the Sea God


A rare elven cleric of Thogro, she mixes her elven skills and devotion to her god.


First met in bad company supporting a kiskov pirate captain Boomcrusher and his Shokoro crew aboard the Axefall, a stolen elven galley, on the island of Khorhuuk.

When Timothy the Tulip beat Boomcrusher and became captain, Vayu persuaded her to throw in her lot with the new crew for 500 gold. After rescuing Harvin Ashook from the Gulldaw prison, she found that they had no money to pay her—but she accepted a share of the Grizelle’s Hoard instead, on speculation.

She ventured into the Black Mire with Tulip and Vayu, but it wasn’t to her liking. For their next expedition, she wished them luck and sent her folding boat with them. That turned out to be critical as they traded it for the basket they needed to get the key to the Kuln Gate.

Geshinara is pretending to be married to Ashook so as not to raise eyebrows in Ashook’s house in MirePort. She’s waiting for her share of the dragon treasure, now that Tulip has won.

Geshinara of Thogro

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