Ellinda Silverkin

Battle Princess


Brown eyes, brown hair.
Light Armor—Leather Torso
In possession of the Dark See Ring

Paired Weapons:
Magic Sword
hand weapon—“an extension of my will”—User can will it to be anything but a ranged or firearm weapon.

Hand weapon

Awareness 1
Brawn 3
Charm -1
Commitment 1
Cunning 1
Daring 1

Inherent Ability:
Signature Weapon—Choose one weapon. As a free action you can summon up that weapon to materialize in your hand, no matter where it may be. The weapon counts as enchanted, able to strike incorporel and protected targets. The weapon is invulnerable to damage s long as you live.

Net of Steel—use parrying weapons once per round per level

Burning Courage—cannot be intimidated by magic, circumstances, social maneuvering,
bullies, or the end of the orld. Gain +1 wound and -2 on all critcal rolls inflicted on you.

Mistress of Life & Death—You and your allies can spend AP to adjust critical rolls
up or down by 1/AP spent. This works to reduce critical rolls on allies, or increase
them on foes.This only works in your arena.

Languages: Common

Weapons not in use at this time, but own: Knife


Ellinda Silverkin

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