Derrin Carter

Quick young mechanic in a Steampunk world


Derrin stands around 5’ 10" with reddish brown hair and brown eyes. He doesn’t carry himself with poise or grace as he is much more familiar with machines. Beyond his lack of social graces he’s a smart, strong and focused young man of 19 years.


Derrin had always had a knack for fiddling with the mechanical. Had he been born to a family of social status this may not have been nurtured, but born to the working class, it helped him make his living. Working odd jobs and getting training from anywhere and everywhere, Derrin clawed his way out of the burrows and into the military. He thought he would finally have the chance to see the world and prove his worth to those who always looked down on him. The army was in the middle of fighting with the trolls when he enlisted. Instead of moving to the front and working on great war machine or the like, he was left way behind lines, away from anything exciting and set to repairing broken equipment. Chaffing under this treatment when his tour of duty was over instead of continuing, he left. He has crafted a fine set of studded leather armor from materials left over and stock that had no other use. He had also created a heavy hydraulic hammer named Lucy that packed a serious punch. Armed with all of this along with wits and nerve Derrin set off to seek his fortune.

Derrin Carter

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