Cole Dannek

Young priest of Preyvask seeing to prove and make a name for himself.


Age 20 / Dark hair, brown eyes and serious mien
Languages – Common and Orc
Base Template – Cleric – Preyvask
Lv 7

+4 Awareness
+2 Brawn
0 Charm
+8 Commitment
+1 Cunning
+1 Daring

AP Spent this level – 5
AP at end of session – 11

1. Archery Gift – © (+2 to hit or +1 Dmg. Take focus action and do +2 Dmg)
2. Watchful – © Add Commitment to Awareness (total +12)
3. Blend – © Add Commitment to Cunning to blend into natural settings or get lost in a crowd
4. Lore – © Can produce 1 fact about any god, holy monster to a god, treasure, temple or legend. May be able to remember more w/awareness test. Can gain more w/research and read many ancient religious scripts.
5. Reinforce Symbol – ® for 1 hr. (1/Lv) ignore 1 wound per strike or inflict 1 wnd/strike
6. (Upgrade reinforce symbol to a move action)
7. Weapon of Choice – © any die rolled counts as a face die.


Heavy Longbow
2 Hunting Knives
Light Hide Armor
Backpack – standard
Dragon’s tooth

Quiver (+1 to hit quality arrows)
Quiver (can strick incorporeal undead)

Hat – Functional Helm – Round Steel/Close Fitting
(was his mother’s – has dark spots from the fire that he has buffed out as best he can.

  • Darby’s Wide Brim
  • Lucky Doubloon
  • Healing Potion – Cures 2 wounds
  • d4 of Commitment; when hurled to the ground, revives morale and clears mind control.
  • Gloves of Storing – can store\retrieve 1 load worth of items in transdimention space as free action
  • Glow Rod – bend and it glows for 2 hours
  • 414 gold in a cart outside the city.

Cole was raised as foundling by Yahvan, an older priestess of Preyvask. He grew up learning and developing his faith in the goddess. As he was passing out of his teens, his foster mother was killed in an Orc attack.

The orc raided and burned his home to the ground. He had been sent out to hunt and was bringing back food when he saw the smoke. By the time he got back the orcs were leaving and the house yard and shine were ablaze. The few surviving possessions that he was able to salvage were a few essentials, his mother’s holy symbol to Preyvask and her battle helm.

He gathered these up he began the journey to the temple. When he arrived it seemed that his mother had failed to mention something about the sect she was associated with. They were completely matriarchal. While some felt this was an abomination, none could deny his devotion or blessings from Peryvask. He was grudgingly allowed to stay but given the worst jobs and treated poorly.

For nearly a year this continued. Cole decided that he had enough. Gathering what meager resources that he had, Cole left the temple with two goals in mind. Go out into the world, promoting the way of Preyvask and promote her glory, returning to the temple with deeds that would prove his worth or second find a sect more accepting of a male priest dedicated to the goddess of the hunt.

In his travels he has had the following adventures
01 – The Ruins of the Bear
02 – Death Fog
03 – Parting the Mists
04 – The Heart of the Matter

His current traveling companions are Spender – a somewhat crazy and frightening wizard, Fletch – an elven archer, Wolf – a fey warrior, Noran – a huge kiskov with a steel oar and Xing Xang a llama monk.

While traveling, he felt in good company with the number of archers. Wolf’s ability to enchant magical arrows was exceedingly helpful. Spender showed his frightening power by being able to transform people and creatures into something small and helpless. While sometimes senile he showed a very sharp mind and would be truly ruthless. Noran sheer vast might proved invaluable. Together they stopped the ghost that haunted the castle and brought back the heirloom helm that they hired to do.

As this finished quakes continued to shudder through the island. Fletch was sickened by something in the ruins so Wolf and Xing stayed to attend him. A traveling “entertainer” Rory joined with them. He proved to be very personable and helpful with talking to others. We found him a rifle to help him with fighting the monsters in the city. While the creatures in the city defied Spender’s curses his powers of magical combat and mystical counter spelling saved Cole’s skin multiple times. Noran continued to prove his martial prowess taking on threat after threat and grinding them under his hooves. While we stopped part of the forces intruding into the world, the threat is not over. Cole’s religious training may prove useful in trying to discover what is happening on the island.

(more personal observations to come)

Cole Dannek

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