Captain Boomcrusher

Kiskov Pirate Captain


Captain Boomcrusher is huge, like most of his kind. Also like most of his kind, he has an inflexible honor, a deadly temper, and a taste for expediency.


His past is unknown; he was first met as captain of the Axefall, a captured elven galley crewed by Shokoro. His first mate, Geshinara of Thogro, was an elven cleric of the god of the sea.

He was deposed as captain by Timothy the Tulip, his shop and crew taken. As he recovered in the interior of the island, a beastmaster from the Pembriss Scholars harassed him with monsters, until he teamed up with Tulip and Vayu to kill the beastmaster.

Tulip has recruited him to the cause of hunting the dragon and taking its horde…

Captain Boomcrusher

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