Old School Hack--the Fictive Way

Ruins of the Bear

Shapple's "Awesome Islands"

Spender, wielder of dark fey magics and elderly chain-smoker of the Wizard Weed.
Fletch Shaft, deadly elven archer.
Wolf, fey warrior with a red fairy named Ivan and a purple longbow.
Noran Trotter, kiskov with snappy matching outfit and a crush on Wolf, wielding a steel oar.
Cule Dannik, cleric of Preyvask the Huntress, a very serious man.
Xing Xang, llama monk, daughter of Spender.

The party started on the Maiden’s Toenail, but sailed into a hurricane and wrecked. They dragged themselves ashore on a rowboat and camped under a stone dome, near other stone domes.

The Job

The next morning they found they were on Burias Island, as they talked to Maurice Lawson, a big man with a giant red hat.

They found out that to the north was the city of San Pascual, a port city several days travel away on the Causeway Road. Refugees were heading south to Claveria, the other port, to flee the island; the refugees were not sure what happened up north, but some disaster. (Maybe an earthquake split the north part of the island, or a large sea creature (kraken? sea turtle?) was attacking, the Disciple raised a cannibalistic undead army and attacked the town, etc.)

Maybe one of the Disciples of Ezra the Insane, a mad wizard who lives at the middle of the island went crazy. Ezra trained many wizards, long ago, and the powerful wizards seemed immortal and carried out his will Malfas was a disciple, 300-400 years old, who may have gone crazy up north; maybe something came out of his tower. Maybe he’s attacking, maybe he’s defending the city, no one really knows what happened.

Lawson wanted the group to go north to his old family estate, where one of his ancestors (Great John Lawson) was rumored to have angered a Disciple, possibly by misbehaving with his daughter; an army attacked the place, but found little or no resistance, and they flattened the place with catapult and cannon. (Maybe there was an escape route under the castle.) Lawson came to the island a month ago, to find the catacombs under the estate to find his family’s crown, signet ring, and any genealogical information. His family used to be magnificent, but his siblings are wasting their lives, unlike him. The group agreed to help out, to restore his family’s honor, and Lawson gave them a week’s supplies; he was delighted the group was at all interested. Xing Xang decided to help guard the refugees as the rest proceeded on.

The Ruin

The company checked with refugees and soldiers as they traveled to the ruin, gauging their travel to arrive mid-morning. They noted growth stopping far short of the keep, they found a Soothatchan bag with healing potions, they found a statue of a man grappling a bear (the man’s head some distance off in the brush, chopped off the statue.) Then they tangled with some giant spiders and spider swarms. Dispatching them with ease, they faced off with an undead ogre, which was crushed by Trotter and a hail of arrows.

Heading into the ruined keep, they found a secret passage behind the crumpled stone throne. They headed into the dark, down into the deep. Banners with bear shadows behind a strong man were prominent, as well as statues of bears and bear-men. They found an underwater lake, and an enchanted bow for Wolf. Then they fought through waves of hardened zombies and a red-eyed monstrous undead preying on them.

They liberated a Mirror of Boomaxle (which they all agreed to return to a temple of Boomaxle, and which gave everyone looking into it an Awesome Point), then found a half-flooded throne room. They explored beyond it, finding a book of genealogy and some gems under a statue base, and the “crown” helm on a sarcophagus. A magic scroll was claimed by Spender as the rest shoveled a pile of found gold coins and gems, statues, and so on into their packs.

On the way out, a watery figure rose to bar their exit. They struggled not to drown in the creature’s presence, and they joined vicious battle; Spender’s magic was unable to suppress its field, and it held its own against the kiskov and archers, healing as it was attacked over and over. Finally, after being pegged by Wolf’s magic bow and Cule’s blessed bow of Preyvask, the creature tried to retreat, and Spender’s transmogrification magic dragged the rest of the enchantment from it and dispersed the wicked thing (which seemed like it was the Disciple’s daughter, or some shadow of her.)

They returned to Lawson, and got paid.



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