Old School Hack--the Fictive Way

Plusevian Plaza Part II

Appeasing the God of Rains

Bulls by the Horns

Continuing where Skritt, Vayu, Ellinda, Wayland, and Tuleo left off last time.

They headed down through the door with the stylized bull head on it, finding a junk room before discovering an arena style room. Wayland carefully listened at doors, but did not hear anything. One door led to a short corridor between rooms, the other was a broom closet—but one with a secret door at the back. In the broom closet, there were supplies to clean up after brutal battles, and Wayland helped himself to a few minotaur teeth.

Tuleo opened the secret door, and came face to face with a minotaur that had been waiting to ambush them when they went past. As that battle snapped into violent action, the other door popped open, revealing another minotaur that had been waiting to trigger the ambush! Vayu blocked off one door with ethereal thorns, and the minotaur had to pick through them to leap at the adventurers only to be hewn down. Tuleo made short work of the other minotaur, and the adventurers caught their breath before continuing on.

The Shrine to Pluves, God of Rains

They found a corridor that opened up from the arenas to the shrine of Pluves, God of Rains. An expensive idol shaped like a dodecahedron was on an altar in a strange chapel. They explored around the chapel, finding a preparation room and a hall of fungus where hornfrills grazed. Thinking they had an exit identified in case of need, and now knowing the location of the altar, they withdrew back to the minotaur arenas.

Mazes and Monsters

The adventurers navigated the minotaur maze using the trusty algorithm of following the left-hand wall, and they found their way to a long stone corridor. Skritt and Wayland (who constantly borrowed Ellinda’s ring of darkvision) scouted ahead and spotted the monstrous abomination they were here to slay. They crept back to their comrades, and had intense whispered conversation—interrupted by the monster’s attack!

In the narrow corridor, they fought for their lives and managed to bring the shadowed thing down. Pistol shots, god-like strength behind magic weapons, mystic bolts, and enchanted bladework carried the day. As Ellinda thrust the final stab into the obscenity, the entire group channeled their animosity towards it through the battle princess, and it died a writhing and horrible death.

As Skritt steeled himself to gut it and dig out three chunks of amber-like substance, others scouted the monster’s lair and found the well from which it had crawled up from a deeper place.


Reluctantly, the company turned back from their explorations and returned to the Plusevian shrine. There, Skritt arranged the amber on the altar and apologized to Pluves, God of Rains. The rain stopped, the curse was broken, and a rainbow with twelve colors shimmered for a moment in the dimness. Skritt smiled, free of his curse.

Onward into Darkness

They returned to the monster lair, continuing past it down long aimless corridors. They found an entry into a fungaloid compound; wary and respectful, they withdrew. Realizing they could not be sure what time it was, they pulled back to the hornfrill territory, hiding in the great hall full of fungus as a hornfrill and calves wandered through. Wayland’s tracking identified how the hornfrills entered and exited, matching up with the outside entrance he found before they delved in the first place.

Escape With Trophies

They let the hornfrills go past, then headed out to clean air deep in the Pit shaft. They saw their goblin scout descending in his hot air balloon—noting they had some time, the adventurers decided to gather trophies.

Tuleo, Skritt, and Wayland headed back to the front entrance where they dropped a couple minotaurs with gunshots. There they encountered a handful of rats, and Skritt spoke for the group, telling of their mighty deed in slaying the alien thing, and intimidating the overwhelmed ratmen. They retreated, and Wayland used his expert butchery to take the head off one minotaur corpse, and the horns off the other. They staggered back to the rendezvous point just as the balloon was tying up, and they all floated back up to Assignation (except Tuleo, who flew up with his gristly prize.)

Again safe up in Assignation, out of the Pit, they celebrated and then went their separate ways.



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