Old School Hack--the Fictive Way

Four Priests

Settling down some post-blasphemy haunting.

Skritt was getting positively old when the Darkseer of Gorvale, Feldratch, told him that he would get a mission to potentially earn the favor of Dufell, Goddess of the Deeps. Skritt enthusiastically reached out to his comrades to come help out. Vayu, Ell, Wayland, and Tuleo joined him for his expedition.

Briefing by the Deepseer of Gorvale

Those that could not see in the dark got blindfolds, strips to cover the eyes that let them see in the dark. Feldratch told them that Valance Striker took a team of about 9 and invaded the Tomb of Dorellis, where the four high priests of the Dorellis temple were interred. Striker’s team looted the tomb, bringing light to all its corners and mapping it. Dufell animated her high priests to defend their resting place, but Striker cut them (and the other guardians) down.

When Striker’s team returned to the surface and boasted of their deeds, of course they were poisoned to death, and eaten by rats. A group of Dufell’s servants went to the tomb and rearranged it in the dark so it was no longer known.

Now, two years later, dreams indicated that the tomb was still desecrated and Dufell wanted the high priests to be returned to their slumber. They formed bodies of earth, which must be defeated or talked down, and their teeth returned to their burial shrines. That was Skritt’s mission.

Into the Tomb

The adventurers got on a balloon piloted by a blind goblin who used the echolocation of his pet bats to navigate. Down, to a fissure off the main pit, to the entry to the tomb. Skritt got a flare gun to use to summon the balloon back, and they bravely entered the tomb.

They found the central shrine of Dufell, and four shrines with frescoes and decorations indicating the nature of each of the four high priests.

  • Morfin, the Mechpriest (inventor of goblin war machines.)
  • Zelgraf, Lord Clawstinger (a badgerbee wrangler.)
  • Abbidex, the Drowned Priest. (Strange mystic focused on deep water.)
  • Soontek, Guardian of the Gate. (Earthbending temple defender.)

Soontek was guarding the gate area, and they did battle with him. Vayu used his connection to earth magic to slow Soontek’s killing wall-smashes and pitfalls long enough for the others to cut apart his improvised earthen body. Skritt returned his teeth to the wall of his tomb, and he was laid to rest.

Further In

The adventurers cautiously examined all the shrines, including the Dufell shrine in the center of the entry where the goddess’s depiction seemed enraged. Then they explored deeper in, finding walkways over what might be a badgerbee lair. They reached a massive ant pit, which Tuleo scouted by flying. Skritt saw almost-invisible goblin walkways, and the adventurers jumped onto the magic bridges and followed them to a dead end.

Vayu was able to sense a thin spot in the wall, he animated a massive rock monster. The rock monster and Tuleo worked together to dig a corridor in the wall, to another area of the tomb.

They found a tectonic orrerry with an animate mass of earth in the center, surely the remains of Morfin. They hit it hard with everything, and as it tried to pull together a defense they managed to tear it apart. Skritt gathered the teeth, and they moved on.

Wandering to the Skulls

They traveled the strange twisting passages, sure to resist the impulse to map it out as they traversed the endless dark. They found a room that spun, and only risked it once. They found the skull of a giant swallowed by the earth, that had served as a badgerbee lair.l Finally they found a rutting/battle chamber of the badgerbees, with over a hundred badgerbee skulls of different sizes.

The skulls were slurped back into the rock, but Tuleo managed to grab one and follow its pull through the compound back to where a reconstituted earthen Zelgraf was using the skulls as focal points to animate earthen badgerbee replicas.

They did battle with Lord Clawstinger, who summoned a replica of his massive badgerbee mount. Vayu flexed his power and the stone that was disgorging badgerbee copies gripped them instead, just long enough for the adventurers to bring Lord Clawstinger down.

Skritt bagged his teeth up, and they trotted back to the fourth site they had quickly passed while following the skull—a deep pit of water with amphibious eels around it.

The Drowning Quarry

Tuleo relied on the eels speaking the language of sea creatures, and he asked them to take him to Abbidex. They agreed. Wayland’s ring let him breath underwater, and Tuleo’s goddess mother Thogro let him breathe underwater, so they followed the eels into the dark waters.

At the bottom, Abbidex meditated. They proved they could wait underwater as well, so he graciously surrendered his head full of teeth to them. They made it out of the water in the surreal swirl of eels.

Tuleo asked an eel to show them the way out, and it obliged, skirting another nasty ant infestation.


They put all four priest teeth sets into the appropriate shrines, then Skritt went in to see the statue of Dufell. It was smiling, and it restored a measure of youth. They left the tomb, riding up on the balloon. They celebrated their success feasting on an immature hydra that had been slain and pulled up for bounty. Job well done.



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