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Here is my Old School Hack focused blog, Between Are the Doors.

The game Old School Hack was written by Kirin Robinson, and it won a Gold ENnie for Best Free Product in 2011. You can download it from the web site for free.

Since discovering it, I’ve made my own contribution here. I also have the pleasure of having written the first publicly available scenario for it!

Here, we will recount the glories of our adventures together in the Old School Hack system.

This campaign uses the “open table” gaming concept. Justin Alexander compares a regular campaign to a baseball league, where there are a few people with a large time commitment. He goes on to compare dungeon crawling or a mega-dungeon exploration to playing catch, or a one-off game, where people can come and go. I see this as partly a way to put the “game” back in “role playing game” and partly a way to playtest ongoing improvements to my supplemental Old School Hack rules.

From the first session, an unfolding story line in the background is the quest to steal a dragon’s loot. Wish them luck in their ongoing journey!

We play the Fictive way, here.

The current year is 11312.

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Old School Hack--the Fictive Way

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